Who we are

As ThetaHealing® Masters and Certificates of Science, Instructors and Practitioners, Panagiotis Monachos and Ioanna Bakratsa welcome you to the world of the ThetaHealing® Technique, a meditation training technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of body, mind and spirit!

ThetaHealing does not replace medical care, but it can work well when combined with it.


ThetaHealing & Science

ThetaHealing® combines modern knowledge of psychology, quantum physics and molecular biology with various spiritual techniques in an amazing healing modality.


What can ThetaHealing® offer?

ThetaHealing® can help everyone in their personal development and become a wonderful tool of prevention and treatment.


What is the ThetaHealing® Technique?

The ThetaHealing® Technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health.



Personal Session

If you feel there are areas in your life such as relationships, health, career, finances, spiritual growth, creativity or self-esteem, which may not work as you would like, or simply need more clarity, this very effective technique can transform you.


Skype Session

A remote session is a personal session from a distance. Skype is recommended, since it is good to have visual contact in order to perform the muscle test.


Testimonials after a ThetaHealing Session

  • “I came with great joy without knowing what will come out of it. What I experienced was a great surprise, self-awareness, relaxation. For first time I felt confident for what I am and what I can do, even at a professional level! I feel very grateful and I want to thank everyone I met in the seminar and at most, our Creator! It is done! Thank you!”

    Helen, Athens

  • “This seminar was really a present to myself. I feel that I took a very powerful tool in my hands, whose teaching was done with the most beautiful, balanced and selfless way. I learned what unconditional love is and that our internal power and abilities are indefinite. I realized that we can use these with the best possible way for our evolution.” 

    Kanella, Athens

  • “Ralph W. Emerson says: “Believe that, during your life, whatever exists in the world that you have to listen to …. Will come one day in your ears. Every quote, every book, every word which belongs to you, which aims at helping or empowering you, will definitely reach its destination, either through a wide avenue…or through complicateed alleys…” . The words and phrases came to be through a wonderful avenue, with excellent co-passengers and splendid, unique guides… Ioanna Bakratsa and Panayiotis Monachos…I’m deeply touched and feeling grateful for the universe and for these two great people who helped me to see from another perspective in such an enjoyable and quick way, within few days. I changed my thinking, my actions, my life…I’m walking the road of miracles with them.”

    Elena, Athens

  • “I’d like to share my experience after the completion of the ThetaHealing seminars. The training was done in a familiar way for everyone. The sensation was, as if my whole family was learning something. In the place of the event, there was comfort, trust, intimacy which contributed to my liberation. After completing the Advanced DNA, I’m feeling that fundamental changes happened in my life and that they are permanent. The important thing is that these changes have taken place on a physical level as well and have weakened the health problems which had occurred in my body. Everything is possible now. I am grateful for everything I have been taught until today and for the people who accompany dynamically this method. ThetaHealing opens gates which transform our lives and the results are direct and permanent.”

    Katerina, Athens


Testimonials after a ThetaHealing Training

  • “After my experience with ThetaHealing, my life changed positively in remarkable ways. I took my life in my hands and begun to focus at my desires. I begun to manifest all I have wished of myself to achieve, since I have been afraid to make the step forward until now. I noticed that in cases where normally I would panic, I now remain calm and stable, instead of passive.

    The way I feel my body changed and I also changed my diet, eating healthier. I got out of the depression state I have been, feeling happier and more cheerful than ever.”

    Amira, Athens

  • “I chose to trust my problem here because I got very good recommendations for this healing method. The experience of the session was wonderful. They listened to me carefully, understood my problem and worked on me very intuitively. During the session, I felt very comfortable and safe.

    I felt that the root of the problem was found quickly and the change I needed happened immediately. The time passed by without noticing it and I didn’t feel any pressure or hustle from the healer. After the session, I felt relaxed in an unexplained way and I left being certain that everything will go fine. I recommend it undoubtedly to everyone."

    Evridiki, Athens

  • “It came in my life unexpectedly and whatever negative belief, thought or feeling just turned into positive. Fears and insecurities were not known characteristics of me anymore.

    It was like a gate to a new life opened and invited me to live it. It is like you realize that we simply don’t receive the presents which God gave us in abundance because of wrong beliefs."

    Panagiota, Athens

  • “I had a session through skype because I live outside of Athens. In the beginning I was a little skeptical on how effective the session would be but I decided to trust the given recommendations. The session started with very vital questions and the root of the problem was found very quickly. The remote session was eventually very relaxing and safe and this surprised me.

    The guidance I received through the process was very professional. The way in which my issues have been handled was characterized by care and virtue. I recommend ThetaHealing without any hesitation to anyone who would like to get rid of the issues which trouble them."

    Ioannis, Thessaloniki