Panagiotis Monachos

 Certified ThetaHealing Instructor and ThetaHealer | Thetahealinghellas

Ioanna Bakratsa

 Certified ThetaHealing Instructor and ThetaHealer | Thetahealinghellas

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Mobile: +30 6956 548 398
Skype: panagiotis.monaxos

Contact information

Mobile: +30 6937 067 936
Skype: ioanna.bakratsa2

My name is Panagiotis Monachos. I studied History at the Ionian University, from very early my intuitive abilities led to the extensive study of the principles of metaphysics.

Over the years I turned to the study and application of several alternative therapies. I began with Reiki and Pranic Healing by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and continued with E.F.T.

Considering that man should be approached in his wholeness as body, mind and spirit, I decided to focus and on the human body by doing healing therapy on it. I acquired knowledge and experience in inner organ therapeutic massage, known as Chi Nei Tsang, and techniques for the release of tension and blockage that normally accumulates in the back.

My constant need to acquire knowledge on new therapeutic methods and my dream for quick and effective treatments, lead me to ΤhetaHealing, where I have been awarded the title of a ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science.

My education as an Instructor in ThetaHealing allows me to convey love, knowledge from this wonderful modality to as many people as possible, so that they expand their consciousness and enable themselves to get rid of restrictions that keep them away from discovering and realizing their full potential.

My greatest satisfaction is the smiles of joy on people after a therapy session, as well as when I observe impressive and positive changes that take place in the lives of people with which I have worked with. Alongside I work as a translator.

My Training in ThetaHealing as a Certified ThetaHealing Instructor and ThetaHealer:

  1. Basic DNA,
  2. Advanced DNA,
  3. Dig Deeper,
  4. You and Your Significant Other (Growing your Relationships 1),
  5. You and the Creator (Growing your Relationships 2),
  6. Manifesting & Abundance,
  7. INTUITIVE Anatomy,
  8. Disease & Disorders,
  9. World Relations,
  10. DNA3,
  11. Rainbow Children,
  12. RHYTHM to a perfect weight,
  13. Soul Mate,
  14. Planes of Existence,
  15. Animal Class,
  16. Plant Class,
  17. Game of Life,
  18. Family Ties.

I studied Translation and Interpretation at the Ionian University. However, my passion for self-awareness, self-improvement and empowerment has led me to a technique that I have been using since 2012. I have been awarded the title of a ThetaHealing Master & Certificate of Science.

My esoteric journey began many years ago and since then I have been involved in various forms of natural and alternative therapies. I started with Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, then I trained in EFT and Chi Nei Chang Abdominal Massage.

ThetaHealing was the technique that helped me become aware of issues I never suspected existed. They where in the subconscious mind, which shapes and creates our lives. I found that by changing the feelings and emotions, negative thoughts are eliminated and our system is detoxified literally from whatever is keeping it in a toxic condition.

During my sessions and classes, my goal is to guide other people in order to connect with the center of their being. The transformation of our emotions, feeling and our mind-set can help us to create harmony and prosperity in our lives. It makes me very happy to see people leaving a session or a class feeling stronger, rejuvenated and in charge of their own lives.

My Training in ThetaHealing as a Certified ThetaHealing Instructor and ThetaHealer:

  1. Basic DNA,
  2. Advanced DNA,
  3. Dig Deeper,
  4. Manifesting & Abundance,
  5. INTUITIVE Anatomy,
  6. Disease & Disorders,
  7. World Relations,
  8. DNA3,
  9. Rainbow Children,
  10. RHYTHM to a perfect weight,
  11. Soul Mate,
  12. Planes of Existence,
  13. Animal Class,
  14. Plant Class,
  15. Game of Life,
  16. Family Ties.