Crystal Viewing Session

This amazing technique – Crystal Viewing Session – allows us to travel into other lifetimes and to view in detail who we are, what we do and what we are learning.

When it is combined with the ThetaHealing® technique it gives us the opportunity to bring virtues and positive qualities of another era into our lives, while resolving issues that come from other times and places.

In this process we use a crystal grid to create a “wormhole”, which allows us to move safely from one reality to another.

Many people are affected by choices and events that recur as patterns or appear as incidents and seem impossible to be resolved.

A crystal viewing takes us to the primary source of the pattern, resolving the issues that affect us today and allowing us to return with lessons and gifts from that era.

Therefore we return with knowledge, skills and attributes gained in other lives, activating them in our DNA now. This way we can develop our full potential quickly and easily.

One of the biggest benefits of this technique is that therapists directly improve their intuitive abilities. Crystals have many excellent properties, which can be proven scientifically.

When placed in the right way up and around the body they can cause a deep meditative state, which is maintained throughout, offering the client relaxation and the ability to observe.

This training was designed by Christina High, Vianna Stibal’s close friend and works exceptionally in combination with the ThetaHealing® techniques.