Recreate your life, Επαναδημιουργήστε γρήγορα τη ζωή σας

By combining science with spirituality, the ThetaHealing® Technique becomes a highly effective meditation training technique, with a large number of techniques which can identify and transform deep rooted blockages, negative beliefs and traumatic situations from the subconscious mind. The name of ThetaHealing comes from Theta brainwaves. The brain is in this state when we meditate, or just wake up from sleep. While being in this state we can improve our spiritual state, reduce stress, pain, and actually gain access to immediate healing. Many books, films and quantum scientists investigations show that not only the genes determine our biology but we are also influenced by external factors and signals. Our cells are directly affected by energy signals coming from positive or negative thoughts. Essentially, our thoughts create our reality as they affect our health or “dis-ease”. ThetaHealing works instantly and gives us the strength and ability to re-create our lives exactly as we want! At the same time we can “teach” feelings that probably have not relive. Recently I met, for example, a case where a man had never experienced the feeling of joy. We managed to “wake up” in his system, what it feels like to experience joy and happiness in his everyday life. During a session, the practitioner identifies the bottom beliefs which create and perpetuate the physical and emotional problem. Then he transforms these feelings and releases the client from the restrictive pattern that defined his or her life until now, without having to revive traumas of the past. All the patient needs to do is to be willing to leave behind anything that does not serve them anymore, and give consent whenever the practitioner needs to replace a negative belief. And remember: our potential is unlimited!

ThetaCosmos Ο.Ε.


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