In this section we want to give a series of answers to common questions in order to help you understand the overall picture of ThetaHealing.

Is ThetaHealing® a religion?

ThetaHealing® acknowledges and embraces all religions, believing that all paths lead to the energy of All That Is; the same energy which flows in everyone and everything, irrespectively of the name which is given by each religion or philosophical trend. Therefore, it operates in complete compatibility with any spiritual path we have already chosen.

What does a ThetaHealing® session include?

The session begins with the identification of the problem or the issue you want to resolve. Afterwards, I connect to the Source of Creation, the energy of All That Is and while being in a Theta state, I have easy access to the identification of the fundamental limitations which block your health and happiness. Since everybody is a unique individual, each session develops differently. I use the body scan to see in which condition your body and its systems are. Using energy testing, I verify limiting beliefs and lack of feelings, replacing the negative beliefs with their respective positive ones and downloading feelings which possibly have never been felt before. For example, most people who are in depression cannot escape from it because they have never felt the emotion of happiness. Once this feeling is downloaded to the person, the change is remarkable. Based on the case, I use some of the ThetaHealing® techniques and I do a therapy where it is necessary.

Can a ThetaHealing session be done remotely?

ThetaHealing® uses the energy of the Creator to do the healing. This energy is not restricted by place or time so it is not requested to be in the same place. If for whatever reason you want to work from a distance, I reassure you that a remote session is as effective and precise.

How many ThetaHealing sessions will I need?

ThetaHealing® is remarkably fast and efficient. The amount of sessions varies from person to person, depending on the result you want to achieve. Many people experience a transformational change even during the first session. Sometimes, the belief systems around an issue are much more complicated and a deeper work is needed so that the desired changes are achieved.

Do I need to do some preparation before the ThetaHealing session?

It is very important to have drunk a lot of water so that energy testing is precise. It is also important to clarify the issue you want to work on as well as your intention to transform should be strong. Only when you are ready, can an internal change occur. We are what we think and each one of us has to undertake the responsibility of his/her transformation. Nobody can do it on our behalf. If you have any medical issue, I suggest you to see your doctor before our session. ThetaHealing® is not meant to be a supplement or replacement of a professional medical care or therapy.

What if I don’t have any spiritual background?

It is perfectly fine! You don’t have to have a spiritual background. Human nature is whole, either we realize it or not. In order to have a result with the ThetaHealing® technique, a necessary prerequisite is to accept the existence of the Creative Force in everything and everyone.

Can I easily learn to use ThetaHealing® myself?

ThetaHealing® is one of the most fast and effective methods of therapy and personal development. It constitutes a complete system of techniques which enhance the harmony of soul, body and mind, approaching a person as a whole. For these exact reasons, it is a useful tool and constitutes an integral part for everyone who is in the path of self-realization and personal development. People of all ages and beliefs can learn the ThetaHealing® techniques easily and fast and benefit from its immediate action. Especially, adolescence will be helped to the decision regarding their personal and professional life. No former experience with other therapeutic methods is needed. The secret is to use ThetaHealing® systematically, since all the intuitive abilities will be developed and opened more and more.

What should I notice regarding the validity of ThetaHealing® seminars?

In order to ensure that the seminar which you will attend is authentic and according to Vianna Stibal and her Institute’s standards, make sure to search for trademarks which consist the ThetaHealing® trademarks and bear the intellectual property rights. Afterwards, make sure that your instructor is certified by THInK® Institute and that the certification you will get is awarded by the abovementioned Institute.